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GoodWe en la Exposición SPI: un aterrizaje exitoso en América


After achieving a meteoric international success and years of arising great expectations, GoodWe is finally landing in the United States solar market. GoodWe has come to stay in America. For GoodWe this week is full of historical significance, as the company participates as an exhibitor at the Solar Power International taking place this week at the Salt Palace Convention Center of Salt Lake City. Our booth is the 2609.

GoodWe has always understood that no success is truly global and complete in the solar industry without having presence in the American market, which without a doubt is one of the most complex and sophisticated. For years GoodWe has eyed the US market from the distance and now the conditions are finally ripe for our grand introduction to the US solar market: the demand outlook is bullish and GoodWe has developed just the right technological answers for the different niches of this market.

GoodWe has set up a specialized team, which this week is in Salt Lake City to discuss all sorts of partnerships in North America: from jointly developing targeted sales strategies, all the way to enhancing the company brand across the diversified American solar industry media outlets.


Participating at the SPI marks a very good start for GoodWe in the North American market and represents the first step on a long list of ambitious plans that include an eventual setting up of presence in the market. If you have any business idea or are looking to discuss any sort of cooperation with us, please don’t hesitate to visit our SPI booth.

After years of dedicated research, GoodWe has developed inverters specially designed to meet the expectations of the US market. Below a quick introduction.


A-MS Series

This is a powerful single phase 5-10kW inverter equipped 4 MPPTs. It is compatible with bifacial modules. With a start-up voltage of only 95V, it allows for an earlier generation and higher productivity. Among its protections it comes with AFCI and rapid shutdown solution integrated. Its standard warranty is of 10 years.

A-ES Series

The A-ES is a 5-10kW hybrid inverter of 4 MPPTs that is compatible with bifacial modules. It is designed with terminals for two batteries (of the same or even two different brands) that can operate simultaneously; the charging and discharging current of 50A allow for a significantly faster full charge of the battery. This inverter offers 50% of oversizing and it is equipped with an UPS function. It also boasts AFCI, a rapid shutdown solution and battery input reverse polarity protection.

A-IS Series

The A-IS is a totally off-grid inverter. This product is an extended inverter of the A-ES family, which takes out the AC-connection but retains the other outstanding features of the A-ES, such as the capacity from 5-10kW, the connectivity to 4 MPPTs and the compatibility with bifacial modules. It has a UPS function integrated and for an enhanced safety it comes with AFCI, a rapid shutdown solution & battery input reverse polarity protection.

A-BP Series

The new BP Series is a 5-10kW AC couple retrofit hybrid inverter that takes out the PV input section, transforming it into an operational energy storage solution. It has an UPS function integrated and the inverter can yield 20% peak output overloading when operating in back-up mode. It includes a battery input reverse polarity protection.

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