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GoodWe supera a los competidores de primer nivel en el proyecto DOSAB de 3.3MW en la azotea en Turqu


We are proud to announce that GoodWe has won and completed a 3.3MW rooftop installation at the industrial city of Bursa in Turkey. This is a significant step in the consolidation of GoodWe as one of the major inverter brands of the northwest region of Turkey. The project is located at DOSAB, one of Turkey’s largest and top of the line industrial parks which is praised as "a healthy organized industrial zone” due to its orientation and preference for hosting green and advanced industries, which is part of the reason that the management of this industrial zone has a deep preference for solar as a sustainable source of energy.


The project owners rejected premium inverter brands such as Huawei, SMA, Kaco and showed its preference for GoodWe. How was GoodWe able to gain the trust of such an important partner? This is closely related to the outstanding performance the GoodWe Turkey team over the years. GoodWe Turkey was established in 2016 in order to provide easy to access pre-sales and after-sales services, delivering as well comprehensive Residential and C&I inverter solutions. It’s worth mentioning that the GoodWe’s three-phase on-grid inverters for commercial and industrial applications are highly recognized in Turkey and other MENA areas on account of their great reliability even in extreme weather conditions.

The energy supply of this DOSAB Industrial Park has been dramatically strengthened with the most robust and powerful GoodWe MT 80kW inverters, featuring 50% DC input oversizing ratio, PLC communications and string level monitoring. In addition, the MT has the capacity to maintain full operation at full-load at extreme temperatures above 50℃. The start-up voltage is 200V, much lower than the 600V required by other products, contributing to achieve a faster return on investment. In Turkey, there is already a significant number of MT installations across a diversified group of medium and large scale commercial rooftops and ground-mounted PV systems.


Only 3.3MW have been installed at the DOSAB industrial park but this project has the potential to reach a total installation of 120MW, becoming one of the largest in Turkey. GoodWe remains confident of having all the quality and service credentials to keep expanding at an accelerated pace in Turkey, remaining as the best choice for the future deployment of this important landmark project.

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