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Un homenaje al mercado solar de Gran Bretaña: GoodWe en la exposición Solar & Storage de Birming


Despite the ups and downs of the market, it will always make sense for a global solar inverter supplier, such as GoodWe, to remain close to the UK market, one of the oldest, most mature and technologically advanced solar markets in the world. This is how we see things and to prove this point, this week GoodWe is an exhibitor at the Solar and Storage Exhibition in Birmingham, taking place at The Nec exhibition center. Our booth is the C10.

A long history that no policy can erase bind together GoodWe to the British solar market. Since our inception in the UK market in 2014, GoodWe has expanded its presence and made well known several of its products across all the market segments. We have long established business relationships in the market and we have been privileged to be chosen as inverter suppliers for several large commercial projects in the British market. We can say that GoodWe and the UK market have grown together and it’s our wish to introduce to our old partners and potential new customers part of the inverter technologies that we have been developing and we believe can perfectly meet the overall requirements of British consumers and installers at this critical moment.


We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to introduce some of our new products, such as the XS-Series residential inverter. This is a super small inverter that we have sucessfully presented to the world this year, atracting a great deal of global interest. Is is light (5.8kg), it is small (as small as an A4 paper) and it’s significantly more powerful than any microinverter, representing the most interesting technical choice for the British small residential installations.

In consideration to the fact that the UK is one of the most dynamic solar + storage markets, we are bringing this year to Birmingham two of our most sucesful energy storage inverters, which are the ET and the AC-retrofit SBP inverters, that essentially have all that the UK users may wish to find on this solar segment.


We are also introducing this week two new products that offer a new functionality to the British users interested in trying new things on the energy storage space: the brand new EH inverter is a single-phase, hybrid inverter compatible with high voltage batteries. It is available on power capacities of 3.6, 5 and 6kW and remarkably can be connected to a wide range of lithium-ion batteries from 85 up to 450V, offering an overloading potential of 20%. To close this representative assortment of new generation GoodWe inverters, we are also presenting our outstanding ESA inverter, which is a modular, All in One solution that features a 5kW inverter along with a battery on an integrated pre-wired set that potentially can be an integral part of any Britain household energy infrastructure.

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