GoodWe lanza una solución inteligente con funcionalidades MLPE
GoodWe lanza la serie de inversores de desconexión rápida DNS y SDT con funcionalidades MLPE
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Inversores solares GoodWe en la Oficina del Primer Ministro de Nepal
Los inversores solares GoodWe fueron seleccionados para resolver eficazmente los frecuentes cortes de energía en los departamentos gubernamentales de Nepal.
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GoodWe String Inverter Boosts the Yield of 18MW PV Project in Turkey
Statistically, GoodWe has secured supply deals for more than 20 different utility scale PV projects in Turkey in 2017, totaling around 180 MW.
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GoodWe Showcases Full Range of Inverter Solutions at World Future Energy Summit
GoodWe’s unique energy-storage products and new four-MPPT grid-tied inverter GW60K-MT with outstanding power boost function attracted a large number of visitors who expressed their strong willingness to cooperate.
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A Statement About GoodWe Storage Inverters
While our GoodWe storage series products ES, EM, BP and SBP are technically compatible and capable of achieving good results with lead-acid batteries
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GoodWe launches the world’s first AC-coupled retrofit inverter with UPS function
The new SBP Series is applicable for both single-phase and three-phase systems
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GoodWe Introduces New MT Series with Greater Output Power for Large Distribution Projects
GoodWe’s new MT Series inverter boost function offers a continuous maximum AC output power overload of 15% for higher yield and quicker ROI
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Brand new GoodWe DNS inverters ergonomically designed for higher levels of home safety
GoodWe is rolling out the new DNS series inverters which are ideal for solar power generation in private homes.
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